Gas Fires

We have a wide range of gas appliances for sale, and installed by our own fully qualified Gas Engineers.

Types of appliances available :

Inset Gas Fires

These will either be open fronted traditional type fires, or glass fronted high efficiency – however there are some brands like Kinder, Flavel, Verine and Kohlangaz who manufacturer their ‘plus’ range. These are open fronted but also high efficiency which gives the traditional look but with more efficient running costs.

Inset fires are fitted into a fireplace opening if there is a standard brick built chimney, or shallower types are available if a pre-cast flue/ or pre-fabricated flue is installed.

If no chimney or flue is available, then there are Balanced Flue, Fan Flue and Flueless versions of inset gas fires available.

Please take a look at Valor, Verine, Kinder, Kohlangaz, Flavel for inset gas fires.

Burley provide a Flueless options.

Freestanding Gas Fires

These are designed to sit on the hearth, or can be wall mounted, and come with either a flame effect or radiant version.

If no flue/ chimney is present, then there are living flame effect balanced flue versions available where the flue terminates directly through the wall to outside.

See Flavel and Valor for great choices of freestanding gas fires available.

Hole In Wall Gas Fires

Designed to be installed into a prepared opening.

Sizes range from standard 16” wide to in excess of 45” wide.  Generally to suit chimneys, however there are some balanced flue versions available where no flue/ chimney is present.

See Verine, Valor, Kohlangaz, Kinder and Flavel for hole in the wall style fires available.

Gas Stoves

Looks like a real ‘solid fuel’ stove but connected to gas and more controllable.  Generally to suit a chimney and connects onto a new gas flue liner to suit.  However some gas stoves do not need a liner and our engineer will advise accordingly at point of estimate visit.

If no chimney is present then there are rear venting balanced flue versions of Gas Stoves available, and also Flueless.

See FDC and Valor for a choice of Gas Stoves.

Flueless Gas Fires

If there is no chimney, or external wall, then Burley provide a range of freestanding, inset or stove style Flueless Gas Fires. These are 100% efficient due to the catalytic converter design of the fire.

There are room size restrictions for these fires – which would require a minimum of 30m³ for the inset/ freestanding type, or 40m³ for the Stove Style.  In ALL cases an additional 100cm² core style wall vent will need to be installed in the room containing the Flueless fire.

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