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Breakdown and repair services usually within 24 hours

If any of your gas appliances break down, we provide fast and reliable service to diagnose and repair the fault, often within 24 hours.

Our customers are our no 1 priority and we endeavour to resolve issues as soon as we can.

Services for your gas appliances

From gas appliance servicing and flue inspection to safety checks and Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificates, Contact Ward Gas Services Ltd for the peace of mind you deserve.

Our services cover a wide range of appliances including: Conventional, Combination and Condensing Boilers, Back Boilers and Fire Front Units, Gas Fires, Wall Heaters, Warm Air Units, Water Heaters, Cookers, Agas and Unvented Cylinders.

Your Annual Reminder 

Ward Gas Services will contact you each year to remind you that your important annual service and safety check is due – and to arrange a convenient date for you.

Types of gas appliances :

Conventional Boilers – these can be wall mounted or freestanding, with the flue either going out through the wall, vertically flued through the roof, or up into a chimney flue way.  The system will have a hot water cylinder fitted.

Some older systems are gravity fed style with feeder tanks, however to increase system efficiency we would always recommend these are upgraded to ‘fully pumped’ type – see system efficiency upgrade page.

Combination Boilers – these are normally wall mounted only.  Hot water is on demand, so no separate hot water cylinder is necessary.

System Boilers – these are pressurised and designed to work in conjunction with a hot water cylinder, either standard indirect type or pressurised unvented cylinder.  There will be an expansion vessel fitted on the system.

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers – if fitted within the last 10 years then the above Boilers will all be High Efficiency Condensing types.  These are designed to operate in the same way but at more efficient levels.  Condensate pipework is installed to discharge the condensate liquid safely.

Back Boilers/ Fire Front Units – Back Boilers are normally sited in a chimney opening, with a separate fire front attached.  The Back Boiler can be operated separately to the fire, and vise-versa.  The system will always be a conventional type with a hot water cylinder fitted, and can either be on gravity or fully pumped systems.  There is no High Efficiency Boiler replacement for Back Boiler Units, so if a replacement Boiler is required a new wall mounted boiler will have to be re-sited elsewhere in the property.  However in most circumstances these can still be connected to the existing system design where the hot water cylinder is fitted.  The fire front can still be used if required, or the whole unit can be removed and a different fire can be installed.

There are no fire front replacements available now, so if the fire becomes dangerous to use, this will be isolated so the Back Boiler can be used, however the fire front will remain in situ.

Water Heaters – Provide hot water on demand.  Can either be balanced flued or fan flued directly through a wall. Not suitable for installation onto a radiator heating system.

Warm Air Units – These provide blown hot air heating through ducted vents within the property.  Heat is controlled by a room thermostat.

Hot Water Circulators – Will be an instantaneous gas fired hot water type heater generally within the same housing as a Warm Air Unit, but is a separate appliance and would require a separate service at the same time as the Warm Air Unit.

Wall Heaters – These are balanced or fan flued directly out through a wall and provide convected heat in each area these are fitted.

Inset Gas Fires – Will either be open fronted traditional type fires, or glass fronted high efficiency.  Inset fires are fitted into a fireplace opening if there is a standard brick built chimney, or shallower types are available if a pre-cast flue is installed.  If no chimney or flue is available, then there are Balanced Flue, Fan Flue and Flueless versions of inset gas fires available.

Manufacturer’s instructions MUST be available when servicing inset gas fires to ensure coal/ pebble/ driftwood fuel effect is set up correctly – if no instructions are available, please provide any data from the data badge to our office  staff and we will try to obtain the instructions on your behalf.

Freestanding Gas Fires – These are designed to sit on the hearth, or can be wall mounted, and come with either a flame effect or radiant version.

If no flue or chimney is present, then there are living flame effect balanced flue versions available where the flue terminates directly through the wall to outside.

Cookers – There is no servicing criteria for cookers, however if a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate is required, then these would need to be checked for safety and added to the certificate.

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