System Efficiency Upgrades

Upgrading the efficiency of your heating and hot water system could save you £££’s off your annual Gas and Electric bills.

  • Does your hot water cylinder have time and temperature control?
  • Does your heating have time and temperature control?
  • Can you regulate specific room temperatures on your radiators?
If the answer to any of the above is NO then you could be wasting energy and money.

Ward Gas Services can upgrade the most basic systems to enable full control including programmers, thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves, cylinder thermostats, radio frequency controllers and thermostats, and smart controls.

Please contact us today to arrange a free of charge site survey to discuss your upgrade requirements further.

System sludge and contamination :

  •  Is your system sluggish?
  • Do your radiators take a long time to heat up?
  • Are there cold spots on your radiators?

Over the years heating systems can become contaminated with sludge.  This is caused by air being drawn into the system and corrosion products within the system creating a sludge material.

This sludge will circulate through the system and into components, and the boiler, causing system issues and break downs occurring.

System cleansing using chemicals to break down and clear sludge deposits will help increase system circulation and efficiency.

Once the system has been cleansed a further corrosion inhibiting chemical is added to minimise system contamination build up.

A magnetic filter is then recommended to further protect the boiler and system components from these corrosive products.

 Please contact us today to arrange a free of charge site survey to discuss your chemical treatment requirements further.

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