Homebuyers Survey

Homebuyers Surveys Offered By Ward Gas Services Ltd

The Ward Gas engineers attend an increasing amount of properties where the new owner has inherited a Gas Appliance, and/or system with defects, and has to then spend money to rectify the issues which were not of their making.

So we devised a special Homebuyers Supplementary Survey for our Engineers to attend the potential new property to provide their expert assessment of all gas appliance, heating, hot water and plumbing services.

Please note: This is a professionals visual safety check as we cannot strip down an appliance not owned by the purchaser contracting us.

The report provides you with a clearer understanding of the appliances and system in the property, along with our recommendations for any rectification work necessary.

Ward Gas Homebuyers Supplementary Surveys have  helped new purchasers to decide if they want to continue with purchase of the new property, or use the written report to agree a discount on the purchase price so that the rectification work can be undertaken.

The Homebuyers Supplementary Survey is used in addition to the general building or property survey.

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